KONZORCIA HELPDESK and project tracking SYSTEM


Konzorcia Kft. Online Tracker (KOK) 1


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Our goal was to have a tool to store the most important facts and key information of the projects or any logically linked source of information, make it accessible to the data subjects and track the temporality of the events.

KOK is a helpdesk (ticketing) and project tracking application developed with Oracle APEX technology that builds on the possibilities of the Internet. It makes it easy to track user announcements and manage the process of projects.

An important part of using the system is that an automatically built online knowledge base is the property of your company.

We built best practice processes developed into KOK based on years of experience. The built-in permissions and workflow module allows you to create workflows that support your unique business needs in just a few clicks. The system can be installed, implemented and taught in just a few days.

With KOK, the efficiency and transparency of the project or support activity is substantially increased and the business risk of the activity is reduced.

KOK can also be purchased as an on-premise application or as a SaaS service.

Functional features:

Easy implementation

Easy to use

Flexible workflow

Custom alerts

Collecting data for invoicing

Best Practice processes

Flexible reporting

Time stamp

Flexible user roles

Online knowledge base

Technical features:

Oracle DB

APEX technology

E-mail and SMS integration

LDAP integration

main references:

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