Data Pump Archiver


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what are the benefits of this application?


It makes it easy to initiate a Data Pump export operation, which can be parameterized and timed at the desired time. It can be a g


ood solution when an export or import operation is required on a regular or occasional basis from several databases. Thanks to the applic


ation's open interfaces, it can be integrated with the company's other administrative systems (e.g. automatically after regular closing). The Data Pu


mp Archiver is also specially designed for use in an enterprise environment. A cons


istent interface for querying archived content.


Audited user actions, central event log, and monitoring interface.

In our experience, the application can be used to archive in a uniform, controlled manner (database export), making it easier to reload archives in a partial way, e.g. in the case of official control.

Functional Features:

Quick Summary

Private Repository

Private Workflow

Private User Control

Simple & Logical Usability

Best Practice Control

Search within the Archives

Export Selected Items

Real Time Monitoring

Technological characteristics:

Oracle DB

APEX technology

Tivoli (TSM) and NetBackup Integration

LDAP Integration

For whom we recommend:

Companies and institutions with a need for regular archiving of large databases

It may be necessary periodically to access the archives in full or partial.