Content Management System

media portal

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If you have any questions about our CMS product, please contact us at +36-1-487-3011.

The most important features are:

Responsive webdesign

same content, device-optimized form

Advanced SEO solutions

built-in support and advice for as much visitor access as possible

Integrated social functions

Open Graph

Modern technology


Unique Visual

unconstionable design


Simple Administration

templates, microsite wizard, parameterized appearance modes, rich widget set


content, time-by-time attendance statistics


Over 99% availability

Membership Profiles

to comment, to mark favorites

Rich Content

articles, HTML5 videos, galleries, polls, quizzes, embedded content

Smart Referral

fresh, relevant, popular content to control users

Flexible Resources

a server park that can be flexibly adapted to visitor traffic, from 5,000 to 500,000 visitors per day


up to 10Gbps for mobile devices, HTML5, DRM, DASH

Integrated Report Tools

Google Analytics, Gemius Ipsos


Ad Ocean integration

Safety and Security

regular backups, continuous automatic monitoring, on-demand 5×8, 5×12, 7×16 or 7×24 hours on call, free error reporting system